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The Roamer Project



Founded by curators and collectors Ignacio Ortiz and Victorino Rosón, The Roamer Project was born with the idea of showcasing the talent of international artists to the Spanish collecting scene in unique spaces while also being able to collaborate with humanitarian projects and non-profit organizations.

The project focuses on bringing together a series of artists to create pieces specifically for subsequent display in a specially selected location, whether for its historical, architectural value, or some unique characteristic, resulting in an exhibition that presents their work outside the conventional gallery format.
Each stage of the project will be curated according to the selected location, and each artist will be assigned a specific space within the venue to adapt their work as they see fit.

The Arbeteta Edition
The selected location for the first edition of the project is the Castle of Arbeteta. Located in the "empty Spain," at the center of the province of Guadalajara and in the natural park of Alto Tajo, the Castle of Arbeteta has stood for over 900 years. It is a military fortress situated at a key passage point, where its walls once
controlled trade between the city of Cuenca and northern Castile.
The castle endured numerous attacks and conquests throughout the centuries until well into the 15th century when the Catholic Monarchs granted the fortress to the fifth count of Medinaceli. Subsequently, the fortress returned to
the crown until the mid-17th century when it fell into disuse and was only recently recovered a few years ago as a private residence.
The artworks will be installed and photographed in the castle and subsequently transported to Madrid, where they will be exhibited for three
days at the mansion of the Herbert Smith Freehills Foundation, an honor to have as one of the sponsors of the project. Throughout these three days, two events will be held, bringing together key figures in the art world, including collectors, curators, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts in general.

Fuenfter Frühling, 150x200cm, oil on canvas, 2024

Inner Beauty 40x50cm, oil on canvas, 2024