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The Illmannered Milkman



Teddy Milks is a motorbike rider with little to no talent. His claim to fame is the odd circumstance that he sweats milk. Teddy ‚the milkman‘ Milks.
He does his best to ignore this fact and to keep the myth of a motorbike champion alive.
Together with his trainer Kent he set up camp. Away from the buzz around his person, in the outskirts of town. where industry fades into nature.
They living the dream and trying to avoid waking up.
The movie ‚the illmannered milkman‘ has been written during production and the editing process, giving the story and footage a chance to tell its story by itself. Crew and actors met for about one week and jammed. the resulting footage obviously told a different story than was initially planned, this had to be taken into account while editing. do not force what you know on what you see, take what you see and follow it.

Shown at:
2013portland underground film festival
2013WDNX festival winnipeg canada, winner best international work
2013Eyefilmmuseum Amsterdam
2014IFFR rotterdam
2014NeXT intl filmfestival Bucharest
3-7.04 2014 EMAF, Osnabrueck, Ger
2014Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland,
5-7.08 2014ESFF, European Short Film Festival,Massachusetts,
26-28.09 2014 Winterthur Filmfestival, Winterthur, CH
2015 Prague short film festival, Prague, CZ,
15-18.01 2015 SKEPTO filmfestival, Cagliari, Italy,