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The Best Present In Town



I curated and designed the xmas gift shop ‚The Best Present In Town‘ for Patty Morgan.

A big parade would open the art gift shop. The participating artists wrapped their works like presents and followed a white horse to the gallery. Walking among them is a saxophone player playing the song ‚careless whisper‘ by george michael the way jimmy hendrix played the american national anthem. Upon arrival at the gallery the artists hand their artworks to baby jesus ( Lorenzo Leuwen) who unwraps them and presents them to the visitors.

Participating artists:
Seeger Baas, Rik Smits, Paul de Jong, Aldert Mantje, Judith Pool, Koen Taselaar, Koos Buster Stroucken, Afra Eisma, Boris de Beijer, Koes Staassen, Sander van Noort, Katerina Sidorova