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ÉCHOS, Group show
ÉCHOS was born from the search for a name that could represent several ideas: a parallel to the Chronicles exhibitions organized in Germany, the twin nature and resonance of the two galleries in Düsseldorf and Paris, and the play on the notion of duo, response, binomial.

This is how « échos » was found, like a wave coming from beyond the Rhine, made to establish itself in length and make the note last in time. For this first edition of ÉCHOS, figuration, hybridity and dreaminess have given themselves an appointment to spring up in the middle of works created by Willehad Eilers, Amir H. Fallah, Asad Faulwell, Georg Haberler, Laust Højgaard, Reihaneh Hosseini, Oh de Laval, Kojiro Matsumoto, Wyatt Mills, Lena Valenzuela and André Wendland.

The human figure, sometimes accompanied by other animal and imaginary species, melts into a great discourse with the air of a fresco, narrative, spiritual, fluid and almost always linked by the blue, sometimes assumed, sometimes discrete. The blue, sure of itself and spread with largesse or hidden under its opposite red, acts as a sensitive reminder from one work to the other, like a link that is woven, like a closer echo. These two colors form an ephemeral dance like the dream that resounds in the hollow of a morning.