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ANN LEE / hail internet hail


-Produced as a commission to the NIMK this movie is a continuation of the project „no ghost just a shell“ by pierre huyghe & philippe parreno. Ann Lee the freed and later buried manga character can finally lay her head to rest, as internet nowadays supplies us with a sheer endless supply of shells to do with as we please. This video demonstrates the helplessness of anyones fotograf on the internet.
„The contract burying annlee, laying her to rest without letting her die
seemed a rather gloomy vision to me. My aim is to show that annlee’s spirit
(no ghost just a shell) lives on. Now more than ever.
In times of endless amounts of images being added to the ever growing image
bank of the internet everyday. Basically everybody supplies a shell to use for
anyone willing to do so. It is impossible to control who will do what with any
image uploaded onto the world wide waters of the internet. The whole internet
is a playground for anyone who wants it to be.
All images used in this video are random portraits found through social
networks and Google Image Search. Of course there are characters and life’s
connected to each of these persons. I decided to completely disregard that and
use the portraits as moldable empty models instead. The reason these portraits
were being chosen was that their face would be one of the first to pop up
during the image search. To further underline their function as an empty shell
their faces were distorted to match annlee’s features. In the end of the video
clip we see annlee age and finally rest. The torch is being carried on by an
army of millions.“