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Alter Senator



In the age of virtually simulated success, fed by Instagram and Facebook likes, we are all top managers and superstars. We are accelerating the pace of work, engaging in more ‘hobbies’, whose performance we also have to assess with KPIs, which like it’s our ‘job’, gets scored by the bosses, investors, etc. We are taking yoga, cooking chia seeds, and making almond milk fused smoothies while embracing ‘mindfulness’. Can it all be just an attempt to escape the reality of multidimensional crises of contemporaneity: climate collapse, geopolitical flux and ultra-capitalistic oppression?

German-born multimedia artist Willehad Eilers (Wayne Horse) invites visitors to embark on a journey through the reality of a certain fictional individual, who constructs his own ‘reality’. Alter Senator, the cheapest high-grade alcohol beverage in the area of the artist’s homeland, which for many has become an integral part of ‘coping’ with the world around them. But is there still a way to tell the difference between the ‘real’ and the ‘imagined’?

Installation view. Saufmoebel viewing room to see 'Alter Senator' whilst enjoying the very same drink.

Videostill 'Alter Senator'