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Alles Wird Gut

Series of drawings

ink on paper



Dancing on the knives blade.
These expressive, imperfect lines that are drawn immediately, are the base of his new body of work in which the process is a big part of the finished piece. Loosely depicted, the drawings show scenes of large crowds going wild and indulging in all sorts of pleasures. As scenes of victorious parties after a big triumph, they carry a positive message under all the vintage debauchery. In this manner Horse is using the compositions of historical paintings such as "La Liberté guidant le peuple" and "The Raft of the Medusa" but replacing the politically charged masses with modern day festival crowds. Influenced by the tensions present in the world today, Eilers' drawings shout "The world is burning. Close your eyes and dance, dance, dance." —Sasha Bogojev

Die Freizeit fuehrt das Volk

All Inclusive