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Series of photos

VR Sculpture



The sculpted persons have taken a stroll over the edge. This not too uncommon night time scene, when witnessed amidst masses of fellow drunk and drugged up people, develops an almost beautiful, serenity and drama, when presented isolated. In a fashion reminiscent to sculptures honoring war time heroes.
While one is enjoying the ‘best burger of her life’ the other, keeping her partner from collapsing onto her food, slowly disintegrates to bats as she stares into the abyss.

‘Paradise Birds’ displays a moment in which excess and agony meet. Desire is only the tiniest step away from nausea and alienation. Being aroused allows to perform actions that could otherwise be experienced as disgusting.
Numb and basic acts, as struggling to stand up straight, or doing your best to keep a hamburger down echo forever in this monumental piece.

This sculpture has been constructed in collaboration with UNIQUE BOARD and published with the help of FLUX COLLECTIVE and NEONREAL - THE GALLERY.